Meet the Rossi Mechanical Family.

Don’t trust your home’s heating, cooling and hot water to just anyone. Our experienced, courteous and friendly team of technicians is ready to serve, 24/7/365.

Rossi Mechanical is still a family-owned and operated company, just like we have been since 1955. We consider every hire we make an invitation into our family. Why? Because how can we expect you to invite them into your home if we wouldn’t invite them into ours.

Let’s meet the people behind Rossi Mechanical’s A rating on Angie’s List and 97% satisfaction rating from our customers.

Patrick Kane

Pat came from computer technical support manager and joined RMS in 2007. He is the sales/installation manager with an emphasis on high efficiency redundant systems.

Judi “Rossi” Kane

Judi was a first grade teacher who transitioned from working at home part time for Rossi Mechanical in 1994 to becoming business manager.

Steve Egitto

Joined the Rossi team in 1993 as a service and install technician and has been the lead technician since 2004. Steve has continued his education in all areas of his field, holding NATE certifications, as well as AOSmith, Bradford and Trane certifications.  In 2014, Steve moved into the office to manage the scheduling, training, and quality control.  Steve still goes out in the field from time to time for specialty projects and installations.

Our Technicians in the field are:

Tom King

Tom has been installing and servicing Commercial and Residential Boilers and Water Heaters for Rossi Mechanical since 2011 and came to us with many years prior experience. He continues to receive ongoing education in AO Smith and Bradford units.  Tom has worked many overnight jobs to make sure restaurants and apartment buildings continue to have hot water or heat no matter what time of day it breaks down – he is there to help.

Wil Frank

Wil has been working on HVAC systems since 2009 and received his NATE certification in 2014.  He has been performing many safety and efficiency checks for Rossi Mechanical so that our customers’ systems are working properly when needed.  Wil  has also been working with commercial and residential water heating since 2015.  He has helped with many water heater emergency installations in order to keep our customers with hot water even on the nights and weekends.

Charles Miller

Charles has been working on HVAC installations since 2008. He has been installing high efficiency systems in customers houses for Rossi Mechanical since 2015 and has received many compliments about his knowledge, professionalism and neatness.

Sam Vile

Sam has been working in service and installation of  HVAC systems since 2008 and has been successfully working with residential and commercial water heating since 2015. He just recently received his NATE certification.  He has also been performing many safety and efficiency checks for Rossi Mechanical so that our customers’ systems are working properly when needed.  Sam is a talented technician that continues to solve challenging service issues when they arise.

Rossi Mechanical Services History



Founded by Frank E. Rossi


Moved to Willow Grove with Lucia (Rossi) Lampone, Mark Rossi, and Frank Rossi, Jr.


Judi joined family business


Judi (Rossi) Kane, Pat Kane began third generation and added a Reading location